Realistic Eyes. Part 2

Making Of / 25 February 2019

In my free time, I continued to work on the eye.

I made a mask on the area that needs to be drawn deeper.

Using Deformation, i pressed the necessary areas.

Having corrected the topology of my model, I added details. I tried to follow the photo reference and kill fantasies in myself ...

And then ... I realized that this approach is not suitable. I wanted to mask the eyeball to show the iris of the eye. It looked primitive. There were losses in the work of SSS.

I didn't begin to think about options for how to complete this work with such an approach. I decided to combine the iris and the eyeball in a common mesh.

I made a low poly version of the iris, and combined it with the geometry of the eyeball. Then I simply projected the detailed version and removed the defects that appeared.

I have baked several variants of Cavity to get to the most remote corners of the object. Using these cards for masks, I made a color variation.

I made a few look dev masks to have more control.

At some point, I got to type SSS. Using randomwalk instead of diffusion, I began to get quality results. Now I really do not like the veins on the eyeball ... I projected them from photographs. But I do not like the result. This problem prevents from moving further.